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    • Niobio - Filo

      Discovered in 1801 by C. Hatchett in London, England. Niobium is a silver coloured metal which is generally found in conjunction with tantalum, the two elements being separated by fractional crystallisation of their respective fluoro-complexes. It has an abundance of 20 ppm in the earth's crust. As a pure metal, is very reactive and forms an extremely stable oxide when exposed to air which enhances its corrosion resistance. Niobium will react with a variety of non-metals at elevated temperatures. Niobium and its alloys have high melting points and are, therefore, used in high temperature engineering products (for use at temperatures in excess of 1200C). It is also used as an alloying agent for certain steels where it greatly improves the strength of the resulting material. Niobium also finds applications in atomic reactors due to its corrosion resistance and, when combined with either tin (Nb₃Sn) or zirconium, it has a high degree of superconductivity.Filo - Un filo singolo o multiplo di metallo puro o di lega.

    10 risultati

    Prodotto NB00-WR-000100 Niobio - Filo Diametro 0.05mm Tempra Come trafilato Lunghezza 1m - 500m Purity 99.85%
    Prodotto NB00-WR-000104 Niobio - Filo Diametro 0.1mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 1m - 50m Purity 99.9%
    Prodotto NB00-WR-000105 Niobio - Filo Diametro 0.1mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 1m - 50m Purity 99.9%
    Prodotto NB00-WR-000110 Niobio - Filo Diametro 0.125mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 1m - 2000m Purity 99.9%
    Prodotto NB00-WR-000115 Niobio - Filo Diametro 0.18mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.5m - 500m Purity 99.9%
    Prodotto NB00-WR-000120 Niobio - Filo Diametro 0.25mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.5m - 3000m Purity 99.9%
    Prodotto NB00-WR-000125 Niobio - Filo Diametro 0.5mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.5m - 600m Purity 99.9%
    Prodotto NB00-WR-000130 Niobio - Filo Diametro 1mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.5m - 500m Purity 99.9%
    Prodotto NB00-WR-000135 Niobio - Filo Diametro 1.25mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.5m - 95m Purity 99.9%
    Prodotto NB00-WR-000140 Niobio - Filo Diametro 1.5mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.5m - 100m Purity 99.9%
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