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    • Berillio - Filo

      Discovered in 1797 by N.L. Vauquelin in Paris, but not extracted until 1828 by Wöhler (Berlin) and A.A.B. Bussy (Paris). Beryllium is a light and lustrous metal which is obtained by the electrolysis of a fused halide (e.g. BeCl₂). It is resistant to attack by air or water, even at elevated temperatures (red heat). Beryllium is non-magnetic, is a good thermal conductor and is used as an alloying addition to copper or nickel, the alloys having excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical properties; in addition, when alloyed with nickel, the resultant Be/Ni alloy has the highest coefficient for secondary electron emission (12.3). Applications for pure beryllium include its use as windows in X-ray tubes and as a source of neutrons when bombarded with alpha particles, a technique used by Chadwick in 1932 in their discovery. Beryllium and its compounds are highly toxic, inhalation of the dust resulting in berylliosis, an inflammation of the lungs.Filo - Un filo singolo o multiplo di metallo puro o di lega.

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    Prodotto BE00-WR-000100 Berillio - Filo Diametro 0.05mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.1m - 150m Purity 99.7%
    Prodotto BE00-WR-000110 Berillio - Filo Diametro 0.125mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.1m - 10m Purity 99.7%
    Prodotto BE00-WR-000115 Berillio - Filo Diametro 0.25mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.025m - 30m Purity 99.7%
    Prodotto BE00-WR-000120 Berillio - Filo Diametro 0.356mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.05m - 1m Purity 99.7%
    Prodotto BE00-WR-000125 Berillio - Filo Diametro 0.5mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.05m - 0.5m Purity 99.0%
    Prodotto BE00-WR-000126 Berillio - Filo Diametro 0.6mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.05m - 0.3m Purity 99.0%
    Prodotto BE00-WR-000128 Berillio - Filo Diametro 0.75mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.025m - 0.9m Purity 99.0%
    Prodotto BE00-WR-000129 Berillio - Filo Diametro 0.85mm Tempra Annealed Lunghezza 0.05m - 0.9m Purity 99.0%
    Prodotto BE00-WR-000131 Berillio - Filo Diametro 1.2mm - Lunghezza 0.05m - 5m Purity 99.7%
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