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Message from Stephen Aldersley, Managing Director

The past 12 months have seen a period of consolidation and preparation for the next stages in the development of Goodfellow.

The move of Goodfellow Corporation last year to our new facility in the Pittsburgh area went very well. Good progress is being made in establishing an additional stock location to serve not only our US customers but our customers, worldwide.

As many of you will know, Goodfellow has had a representative office in China since 2006. In late 2012 we opened Goodfellow (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd under our General Manager, John Jiang, to ensure that we are well placed to benefit further from growth in this country.

Our product range continues to expand with the addition of crucibles and metal fasteners. As always, we listen to our customers, and more new products will follow.

I welcome your comments on any aspect of Goodfellow. My e-mail address is, and you may be assured that I answer all of my e-mails!

Stephen Aldersley
Managing Director

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