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High-tech metal fasteners now available for specialised applications

In response to customer requests, we are pleased to announce the recent addition of specialised metal fasteners (nuts, bolts and washers) to our catalogue of products available from stock for quick delivery. Molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and tungsten nuts, bolts and washers in sizes ranging from M3 to M6 provide an impressive array of properties that address the needs of a variety of high-tech applications.

These metal fasteners complement the ceramic fasteners launched last year, and offer a solution where more standard metal or plastic fasteners would not be suitable, such as applications involving high temperature, high voltage, magnetism, or harsh conditions that would quickly corrode or wear away other materials.

As refractory metals, all four have a melting point above 2400 ˚C, high hardness at room temperature, are chemically inert, have relatively high density and are stable against creep deformation at very high temperatures.

Material Characteristics and Applications

Molybdenum maintains its strength at high temperatures, making molybdenum fasteners ideal for applications where both high temperature and strength are needed. These fasteners are used in the semiconductor industry, the manufacture of armour and aircraft parts and in industrial motors.

Tantalum has a corrosion resistance similar to glass but the mechanical properties of a metal, making it an excellent choice for extremely corrosive environments. Fasteners made from tantalum can be found in the chemical processing, mining, energy, pharmaceutical and metal processing industries. Tantalum is also radio-opaque, making tantalum fasteners useful in x-ray applications.

Niobium finds application in atomic reactors because of its corrosion resistance. Fasteners made from niobium or from nickel-, cobalt-, and iron-based superalloys containing niobium are found in jet engine parts, gas turbines, rocket subassemblies, advanced airframe systems, and heat-resisting and combustion equipment.

Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals (3410 ˚C) and is often the base of a range of tungsten-copper-nickel alloys used for radiation shielding; these alloys provide a 50% increase in density compared to lead. Fasteners made from tungsten and its alloys can, therefore, be used in radiation shielding applications and are also used in military applications (e.g., armour).

Download a white paper on the use of refractory metal fasteners.

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