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Goodfellow Announces Expansion of Green Production Initiative

Goodfellow has announced an expansion of their Green Production initiative, which promotes the use of environmentally sound products and processes that conserve energy and natural resources. Materials that are part of the expanded initiative include those that are bio-based, biodegradable and/or non-toxic as well as those that are renewable, recyclable and designed to save energy through innovative design.

“Products in the Goodfellow Green Production initiative strike a favorable balance between product quality and reducing the product’s carbon footprint,” says Joel Aleixo, Goodfellow’s global marketing manager. “They allow customers to focus on research and product design without compromising quality and, in fact, often serve as a creative catalyst for innovative applications.” 

The expanded categories in the initiative include products that are:


  • ‘Green’ graphene is ultra-pure, metal-free graphene produced by a rapid and highly scalable ‘green’ production process.
  • C-Solder is an innovative tin-based, lead-free, flux-free, low-temperature solder that allows the formation of mechanically strong bonds between materials previously difficult or impossible to securely join.



  • A range of biopolymers (PHB, PLA, PHA, cellulose acetate) made from renewable resources and having application in an extraordinarily wide range of industries.



  • Foams of metal, alloys, ceramics and polymers require less source material to produce and provide the numerous functional and energy-saving benefits of a lightweight material.
  • Honeycombs provide an exceptional combination of strength and efficiency while using less material to produce, resulting in conservation of resources, lower material cost and energy benefits.



  • Glass and metals can be recycled over and over again without degrading their properties, enabling the preservation of natural resources while using less energy compared to producing new materials.



  • Recycled and recyclable metals, ceramics and glass have captured the attention of innovative artists and designers who are creating unique works of art for personal use and commercial display.


For more information about the Goodfellow Green Production initiative, click here, email or call 0800 731 4653 (UK) or +44 1480 424 800.