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Easy Transfer: Monolayer Graphene on Polymer Film

Easy Transfer allows you to:

  • Receive high-quality graphene ready to deposit onto a substrate of choice
  • Experiment with any novel substrate, keeping the project in-house and speeding research
  • Avoid metal etching and hazardous chemical etching – bottom layer has already been removed
  • Choose from affordable 1 x 1 cm units or 1 x 1 inch units


Graphene film specifications

  • Growth method: CVD synthesis
  • Appearance (color): Transparent
  • Transparency: > 97%
  • Appearance (form): Film
  • Coverage: > 95%
  • Number of graphene layers: 1
  • Thickness (theoretical): 0.345 nm
  • FET Electron Mobility on Al2O3: 2000 cm2/Vs
  • FET Electron Mobility on SiO2/Si: 4000 cm2/Vs
  • Sheet Resistance on SiO2/Si: 450±40 Ohms/sq (1cm x 1cm)
  • Grain size: Up to 10 μm


Transfer procedure

For more detailed transfer instructions, click here.



Graphene research, flexible batteries, electronics, aerospace industry, MEMS and NEMS, microactuators, conductive coatings.



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