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Copper oxide coated foam heat sinks

Microporous copper foam coated with a thin, hard layer of copper oxide provides outstanding performance as a low-profile heat sink in passive cooling environments.

The underlying microporous copper foam structure of the heat sinks has pore sizes between 300 and 600 microns and a relative density of around 37%, providing a much higher surface area than traditional copper foams. The black copper oxide that coats the interconnected pores of the thermally conductive copper foam dramatically increases emissivity and therefore passive cooling performance.

Copper oxide coated copper foam provides a number of important benefits in the thermal management of electronic components:

  • The height of the heat sink can be reduced with no sacrifice in performance.
  • Improved thermal performance can be achieved in the same physical envelope.
  • A smaller footprint is possible, since the size requirements of individual components can be reduced due to increased thermal efficiency.
  • The life of a component can be increased through a reduction in overheating.

 Testing has shown that these heat sinks can outperform their comparable competitors by up to 6˚C/W.

Goodfellow supplies copper oxide coated copper foam in thicknesses of 4mm, 5mm, and 10mm. Other sizes may be available upon request – please contact our sales staff to discuss your application.