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2D crystals for innovative research

These single crystals provide you with exciting opportunities to make your own 2D materials

  • Samples are supplied on an oxidised silicon substrate
  • X,Y coordinates are provided
  • Microimages are included to aid flake identification
  • All flakes have a minimum area of 10 µm2 with monolayer thickness

2D crystals currently offered

Molybdenum disulphide, MoS2

Molybdenum disulphide is a transition metal dichalcogenide with an indirect bandgap of 1.3 eV. Its sizeable bandgap makes it ideal for applications in electronic and optoelectronics.

Single crystal of molybdenum disulfide shows large lustrous domains of size >1mm.

Molybdenum diselenide,  MoSe2

Molybdenum diselenide is also a transition metal dichalcogenide. MoSe2 is an indirect semi-conductor, with a thermally driven crossover to a direct bandgap as the layer thickness is reduced to the atomic limit.

Hexagonal boron nitride, hBN

Hexagonal boron nitride is an insulation layered material with a large bandgap of size 5 eV. hBN can be used as an atomically thin dielectric with high quality, as well as a platform for plasmonic devices.

Tungsten disulphide, WS2

Tungsten disulphide is an indirect semiconductor with bandgap of approximately 1.6 eV. At the monolayer state, the bandgap becomes direct of size 2.1 eV, thus showing strong photoluminescence. WS2 is used readily for electronic applications due to its high electron mobility.

Tungsten diselenide, WSe2

Tungsten diselenide has a bandgap in the infrared region; consequently, it is used for applications requiring sharp and high-quality optical properties.

Tungsten ditelluride, WTe2

Tungsten ditelluride has been extensively studied for its relatively large non-saturating magnetoresistance, which has been reported in Nature.

Black phosphorus (phosphorene)

Black phosphorene is the second 2D material to be isolated and characterised extensively after graphene. It has potential application in the electronics industry due to its high mobility, which reaches 1000 cm2/Vs.

Gallium selenide, GaSe

Gallium selenide is a semiconductor with bandgap approximately 2 eV. GaSe has a direct band gap with strong photoluminescence and is used for optoelectronic devices.

Graphenium graphite

Graphene was produced in 2004 using graphenium graphite, a special HOPG-style graphite with flake sizes reaching over a centimetre in dimension.

Arsenic sulphide, As2S3

Arsenic sulphide is a semiconductor with unexpected properties and expected band gap of size approximately 2.5 eV.

Support and Advice  

Goodfellow can support with exfoliation of the 2D crystals and with depositing onto the oxidised silicon substrates. All samples are supplied on an oxidised silicon substrate and come with (x,y) coordinates, as well as microimages in various magnifications in order to aid flake identification. All flakes have a minimum area of 10 μm2 with monolayer thickness.

For more information, call 0800 731 4653 (UK) or +44 1480 424 800 or email

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