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Profil: John Jiang, Goodfellow Shanghai Office

John Jiang
General Manager, Goodfellow Shanghai Office

John Jiang joined Goodfellow in 2006 as the first person in our Shanghai Representative Office, and in the past 7 years he has helped to grow our business in China from almost zero to millions of dollars in sales. Because of the rapid increase in sales, in November 2012 Goodfellow transformed its operation in Shanghai from a representative office to a full trading company, with John taking the position of general manager.

John has a rich experience in helping western companies to start businesses in China with his MBA education in Hong Kong and former operations and marketing management positions in international companies. John deployed an innovative and flexible sales strategy in China for Goodfellow: at the same time as building up a distribution network with local partners, John recognised the importance of direct marketing and sales. This strategy has contributed to Goodfellow becoming one of the most recognised brands for the supply of specialist materials in China in only 7 years.

Throughout all of its global operations, Goodfellow employs people with a strong technical background, so that we can offer support to researchers and engineers and provide a one-stop-shop for customers to get the right materials for their projects. John and his team in China are no different. This approach of giving not only the right material but also technical support to our customers has helped Goodfellow Shanghai to grow rapidly since 2006, so that it now has tens of thousands of customers in education, research and hi-tech production, including both Chinese companies and foreign companies based in China calling on our services for the highest material quality and rapid delivery.

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