TPX® polymethylpentene (PMP):

A Novel Polymer Now Available
in Small Quantities

TPX® polymethylpentene (PMP)* is a transparent, extremely low-density thermoplastic material with a unique combination of optical clarity, low moisture absorption, excellent mould release properties, and exceptional heat and chemical resistance. It can be used for extruded and film products as well as injection-moulded and blow-moulded items. Through a distribution agreement with Mitsui & Co., Europe, Goodfellow is able to supply small quantities of TPX® as

rod • film • sheet • granule

TPX® is used in a wide range of applications including microwave components and cookware; caps, closures and feed tubes in a variety of applications; release films; and many other uses.

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TPX® is an ideal choice when replacing polycarbonate or acrylic in some chemically demanding environments.

• High heat resistance (melts at 236˚C)
• Extremely low specific gravity (0.833 g/cc)
• Superior steam sterilization capabilities
• Superior transparency to visible light
• Excellent UV transmission characteristics
• Low refractive index
• Excellent acoustic properties
• Excellent chemical resistance
• High gas and moisture permeability
• Outstanding dielectric properties


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*TPX® is manufactured solely by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.