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The new Goodfellow website receives a warm welcome
Following the launch of our new website at the beginning of this year, Goodfellow was pleased to receive some very positive feedback from you, our customers. You appreciated the changes that make it easier to find technical data and to order from our on-line catalogue. You have also been spending more time on the site, which we hope means you find the content more useful and relevant.

We welcome your feedback to and will continue to add new content as we expand our range and the technical data available, so please bookmark our homepage and come back regularly.

Machinable ceramic improvements are on the way
Goodfellow and The Technical Glass Company are delighted to announce that improvements to the production of Shapal™-M soft machinable ceramic are now being planned.

Traditional ceramics are distinguished by their unique characteristics. Unfortunately, two of these, brittleness and hardness, make traditional ceramics difficult to machine, limiting their applications. Shapal™-M soft was developed specifically to address these issues…..

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Shapal™-M soft datasheet

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A Smash Hit for Science : Physicists at the LHC rock on for a worthy cause
Goodfellow was intrigued to learn about an unusual development at Geneva-based CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), the world’s leading laboratory for particle physics and a long-time Goodfellow customer.

It seems that in addition to probing the origins of the universe, scientists involved with the ATLAS experiment in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are making music – professionally recorded music – and have released a double CD and DVD of original works and covers.

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