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  • Your questions answered: Li-ion batteries

    In this blog post, we answer common questions about Li-ion batteries, including what they are, why they’re so useful and the materials used to create them.

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  • How to learn and memorise the Periodic Table

    The Periodic Table is still as important today as it was when it was first created in 1869.Whether you’re a student, researcher, teacher or just have a general interest in science, understanding how the table works, even memorising certain elements of it, can be beneficial. Here, we’re providing tips and tricks on how to do just that.

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  • How to bridge the gap between R&D and engineering

    It’s important that any great material and application designs are implemented into the real-world environment to ensure everyone can benefit from such innovations. However, many scientists and researchers struggle to get a materials concept to move beyond the R&D stage and into the marketplace.

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  • Three surprising facts about Silver

    Silver is, undoubtedly, one of the most well-known precious metals in the world. While widely recognised as a base material in the production of jewellery and design, it’s also used in many scientific applications, such as the production of medical equipment and sputtering targets.

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  • A quick guide to PLA for 3D printing

    PLA is a polyester that has a wide variety of uses. In recent years, its properties such as heat resistance and workability have seen it widely used as an innovative material in 3D printing.

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  • Our top five sustainable materials

    Sustainability, reducing carbon footprints and boosting green credentials: this is something that’s on the cards for individuals and companies alike all around the world. Even when it comes to materials in science and industry, there’s a definitive focus on reducing negative impact on the environment, ultimately creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.

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  • The new normal: how the materials science industry is responding to life during a pandemic

    Since early 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic has been making significant changes to life on a global scale. From a huge increase in working from home to operational implications across science and industry, materials science has certainly not escaped this widespread impact.

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  • Development of the Periodic Table

    Today we’re going right back to the basics, focusing on the history and development of the Periodic Table. So, whether you’re currently studying the periodic elements, or you’re an established scientist wanting to learn more about its background, read on for more information!

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  • Welcome to the Goodfellow blog

    Here at Goodfellow, we know just how useful our material and technical expertise can be. Sharing knowledge and advice is a big part of what we do for our customers and wider audiences alike.

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