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Tin ( Sn ) - Foil   -   Material Information

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We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Foil Lump Microfoil Powder Rod Single Crystal Sputtering Target Wire
Foil Lump Microfoil Powder Rod Single Crystal Sputtering Target Wire
General Description:  

Tin was known and used by ancient civilisations.

Tin is a silvery white metal which is soft and pliable, and which emits the characteristic sound of "tin cry" when bent. It is a relatively common element, its abundance being 2.2 ppm in the earth's crust. Its principal ore is cassiterite, SnO2, from which the metal is obtained by reduction. Tin forms a stable oxide coating on its surface which makes it unreactive in water; however, it is soluble in both acids and alkalis, and reacts readily with halogens.

As tin has good chemical resistance, it is used as a coating of other metals to prevent corrosion, the coating of steel to produce tin plate being an important example of this application. Tin is widely used in the manufacture of soft solders where it is alloyed with other elements to produce a wide range of alloys with different characteristics. Tin is also a constituent of bronzes, pewter, certain bearing materials and fusible alloys.



Technical Data for   Tin

Tin Foil - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
SN000050Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.001mm,    Purity:99.75%,    Support:Temporary Acrylic,    
SN000060Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.002mm,    Purity:99.75%,    Support:Temporary Acrylic,    
SN000070Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.0025mm,    Purity:99.75%,    Support:Temporary Acrylic,    
SN000081Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.003mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000090Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.004mm,    Purity:99.75%,    
SN000101Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.005mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000110Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.006mm,    Purity:99.75%,    
SN000120Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.007mm,    Purity:99.75%,    
SN000121Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.007mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000130Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.008mm,    Purity:99.75%,    
SN000140Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.009mm,    Purity:99.75%,    
SN000150Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.01mm,    Purity:99.75%,    
SN000160Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.0125mm,    Purity:99.75%,    
SN000170Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.015mm,    Purity:99.75%,    
SN000180Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.02mm,    Purity:99.75%,    
SN000200Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.006mm,    Purity:97.4%,    
SN000201Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.007mm,    Purity:97.4%,    
SN000204Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.004mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000210Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.009mm,    Purity:97.4%,    
SN000212Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.01mm,    Purity:97.4%,    
SN000220Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.0125mm,    Purity:97.4%,    
SN000230Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000231Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000232Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.030mm,    Purity:97.4%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000235Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000239Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.06mm,    Coil width:73mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000240Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000241Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000260Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.058mm,    Coil width:41mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000280Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.072mm,    Coil width:41mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000290Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000291Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000295Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000300Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.084mm,    Coil width:41mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000320Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.096mm,    Coil width:41mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000330Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000331Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000350Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.109mm,    Coil width:41mm,    Purity:99.95%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000360Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000390Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000391Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000395Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.20mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000400Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000410Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000420Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000424Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.65mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000426Tin Foil,    
Thickness:0.75mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000430Tin Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000440Tin Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000441Tin Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm,    High Purity:99.999%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000450Tin Foil,    
Thickness:1.5mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000500Tin Foil,    
Thickness:2.0mm,    Purity:98.8%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000510Tin Foil,    
Thickness:2.0mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000520Tin Foil,    
Thickness:3.0mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
SN000530Tin Foil,    
Thickness:6.0mm,    High Purity:99.99+%,    Temper:As rolled,    
Tin Foil - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Foil Lump Microfoil Powder Rod Single Crystal Sputtering Target Wire
Foil Lump Microfoil Powder Rod Single Crystal Sputtering Target Wire