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Polyaramid ( Polymetaphenylene isophthalamide ) - Film   -   Material Information

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We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Chopped Fibre Fibre Film Honeycomb Sheet
Chopped Fibre Fibre Film Honeycomb Sheet
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General Description:  

General Description : An infusible, wholly aromatic polymer that can strictly be described as nylon I,I - but rarely is. Manufactured only as a fibre (by solution spinning), it has a very high thermal stability and temperature and flame resistance. In contrast to its chemical isomer Kevlar®, its tensile properties are similar to those of normal textile fibres but its hydrolysis resistance in hot wet conditions is better (than Kevlar's). Its radiation resistance is also very good.

The fibre is converted into a number of fibre-based forms, including : calendered and uncalendered papers, pressboards of three different densities and honeycomb. The last is made from Nomex® paper coated in a phenolic resin. Other forms include felts.

Applications include protective clothing (e.g. for firefighters and racing drivers), process equipment and insulation and filtration media.

Explanation of Type numbers

T410 Calendered Paper
T411 Un-calendered Paper
T418 Calendered Paper, containing 50% mica
T992 Low Density Pressboard
T993 Medium Density Pressboard
T994 High Density Pressboard



Technical Data for   Polyaramid

Polyaramid Film - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
AR311050Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.05mm,    Type:T410,    Condition:Calendered paper,    
AR311250Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.25mm,    Coil width:118mm,    Type:T410,    Condition:Calendered paper,    
AR311251Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.25mm,    Type:T410,    Condition:Calendered paper,    
AR311300Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.13mm,    Coil width:33mm,    Type:T411,    Condition:Uncalendered paper,    
AR311310Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.13mm,    Coil width:30mm,    Type:T418,    Condition:Contains 50% mica by weight,    
AR311360Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.36mm,    Type:T418,    Condition:Contains 50% mica by weight,    
AR311380Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.38mm,    Coil width:55mm,    Type:T411,    Condition:Uncalendered paper,    
AR311381Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.38mm,    Coil width:965mm,    Type:T411,    Condition:Uncalendered paper,    
AR311410Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.51mm,    Type:T410,    Condition:Calendered paper,    
AR311450Polyaramid Film,    
Thickness:0.76mm,    Coil width:63.5mm,    Type:T410,    Condition:Calendered paper,    
Polyaramid Film - Standard Products   Click here to display prices

Properties for Polyaramid Film

Property Value
Material T410 T411 T418
Density g cm-3 0.72-1.05 0.3 1.1
Dielectric Constant @ 60Hz 1.6 - 3.4 1.2 2.5
Dielectric Strength @130µm thick kV mm-1 17-55 9-18 33-63
Dissipation Factor @60Hz 0.004-0.007 0.003 0.003
Elmendorf Tear Strength N mm-1 14-39 7 14-22
Extension to break - Longitudinal % 11-22 3 2.5
Extension to break - Transverse % 8-17 5 2.5
Initial Tear Strength g µm-1 12-32 2-4 6-10
Limiting Oxygen Index % 29-32 29 63
Shrinkage @300C % 0.3-2 0.2-0.3
Tensile strength - Longitudinal MPa 85-130 6 40
Tensile strength - Transverse MPa 35-75 3 30
Thermal Conductivity @23C W m-1 K-1 0.1-0.16

We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Chopped Fibre Fibre Film Honeycomb Sheet
Chopped Fibre Fibre Film Honeycomb Sheet