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Nickel ( Ni ) - Tube   -   Material Information

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We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Crucible Foam Foil Insulated Wire Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod
Crucible Foam Foil Insulated Wire Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod
Single Crystal Sphere Sputtering Target Tube Wire
Single Crystal Sphere Sputtering Target Tube Wire
General Description:  

Discovered by A.F. Cronstedt in 1751 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Nickel is a silver-white metal which occurs mainly in the sulphide and arsenic ores. It is extracted by roasting to NiO and then reducing using carbon. Pure nickel is manufactured by the Mond process, in which impure nickel is reacted with carbon monoxide (CO) to produce Ni(CO)4, which is then decomposed at 200C to yield 99.99% Ni. Nickel has an abundance of 80 ppm in the earth's crust.

Pure nickel is malleable and ductile, and is resistant to corrosion in air or water, and hence is used as a protective coating. It is readily soluble in dilute acids, but is unaffected by alkalis. Applications for nickel include its use as a constituent of various alloy types; for example, Nichrome (an alloy used for resistance heating elements), Monel (corrosion resistant material), Permalloy (an alloy with high magnetic permeability at low field strength and low hysteresis loss), stainless steel, cupro-nickel, nickel silver, etc. It is also used in coinage, as a protective coating and within food and chemical handling plants.

Nickel is classed as a carcinogen and is also an allergen to some individuals. It is found in many dietary constituents and, as such, is difficult to avoid.



Technical Data for   Nickel

Nickel Tube - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
NI007105Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.35mm,    Wall Thickness:0.025mm,    Inside Diameter:0.3mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007120Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.6mm,    Wall Thickness:0.125mm,    Inside Diameter:0.35mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007130Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.65mm,    Wall Thickness:0.133mm,    Inside Diameter:0.384mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:As drawn,    
NI007140Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.78mm,    Wall Thickness:0.29mm,    Inside Diameter:0.2mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:As drawn,    
NI007150Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.75mm,    Wall Thickness:0.08mm,    Inside Diameter:0.59mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007151Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.762mm,    Wall Thickness:0.279mm,    Inside Diameter:0.204mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007155Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.8mm,    Wall Thickness:0.08mm,    Inside Diameter:0.64mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:As drawn,    
NI007160Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.8mm,    Wall Thickness:0.15mm,    Inside Diameter:0.5mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:As drawn,    
NI007170Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.8mm,    Wall Thickness:0.25mm,    Inside Diameter:0.3mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:As drawn,    
NI007171Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.8mm,    Wall Thickness:0.15mm,    Inside Diameter:0.5mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007200Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.0mm,    Wall Thickness:0.1mm,    Inside Diameter:0.8mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007201Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.0mm,    Wall Thickness:0.1mm,    Inside Diameter:0.8mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007205Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.0mm,    Wall Thickness:0.4mm,    Inside Diameter:0.2mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007210Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.2mm,    Wall Thickness:0.1mm,    Inside Diameter:1mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007220Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.3mm,    Wall Thickness:0.1mm,    Inside Diameter:1.1mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007230Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.4mm,    Wall Thickness:0.15mm,    Inside Diameter:1.1mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007250Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.5mm,    Wall Thickness:0.15mm,    Inside Diameter:1.2mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007251Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.5mm,    Wall Thickness:0.1mm,    Inside Diameter:1.3mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007252Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.5mm,    Wall Thickness:0.05mm,    Inside Diameter:1.4mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007260Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.57mm,    Wall Thickness:0.47mm,    Inside Diameter:0.63mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007280Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.8mm,    Wall Thickness:0.1mm,    Inside Diameter:1.6mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007290Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:2.0mm,    Wall Thickness:0.1mm,    Inside Diameter:1.8mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007300Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:2.0mm,    Wall Thickness:0.2mm,    Inside Diameter:1.6mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007310Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:2.4mm,    Wall Thickness:0.076mm,    Inside Diameter:2.248mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007340Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:2.5mm,    Wall Thickness:0.125mm,    Inside Diameter:2.25mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007350Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:2.5mm,    Wall Thickness:0.25mm,    Inside Diameter:2mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007370Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:2.8mm,    Wall Thickness:0.5mm,    Inside Diameter:1.8mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007400Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:3.0mm,    Wall Thickness:0.3mm,    Inside Diameter:2.4mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007450Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:3.25mm,    Wall Thickness:0.1mm,    Inside Diameter:3.05mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007500Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:3.6mm,    Wall Thickness:0.05mm,    Inside Diameter:3.5mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007550Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:4.5mm,    Wall Thickness:0.673mm,    Inside Diameter:3.154mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007600Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:5.5mm,    Wall Thickness:0.25mm,    Inside Diameter:5mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007650Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:5.9mm,    Wall Thickness:0.125mm,    Inside Diameter:5.65mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007658Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:6.5mm,    Wall Thickness:0.5mm,    Inside Diameter:5.5mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007670Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:7.11mm,    Wall Thickness:0.27mm,    Inside Diameter:6.57mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007685Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:7.8mm,    Wall Thickness:0.7mm,    Inside Diameter:6.4mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007700Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:8.4mm,    Wall Thickness:0.125mm,    Inside Diameter:8.15mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Hard,    
NI007710Nickel Tube,    
Outside Diameter:9.5mm,    Wall Thickness:1.5mm,    Inside Diameter:6.5mm,    Purity:99.5%,    Temper:Annealed,    
Nickel Tube - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Crucible Foam Foil Insulated Wire Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod
Crucible Foam Foil Insulated Wire Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod
Single Crystal Sphere Sputtering Target Tube Wire
Single Crystal Sphere Sputtering Target Tube Wire