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Nickel Silver ( Cu62/Ni18/Zn20 ) - Tube   -   Material Information

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We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Foil Tube
Foil Tube
Common Brand Names:
Awa®, Nickeloid®, Silmet®, Spedex®
General Description:  

Good machineability, excellent cold working and welding characteristics. Poor hot forming. Uses include rivets, screws, zippers, optical parts and costume jewellery.



Technical Data for   Nickel-Silver

Nickel Silver Tube - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
CU107083Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.83mm, Wall Thickness:0.06mm, Inside Diameter:0.71mm, Temper:Hard
CU107100Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:0.91mm, Wall Thickness:0.19mm, Inside Diameter:0.53mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107120Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.0mm, Wall Thickness:0.1mm, Inside Diameter:0.8mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107140Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.1mm, Wall Thickness:0.21mm, Inside Diameter:0.68mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107160Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.28mm, Wall Thickness:0.120mm, Inside Diameter:1.04mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107180Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.3mm, Wall Thickness:0.275mm, Inside Diameter:0.75mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107200Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.4mm, Wall Thickness:0.3mm, Inside Diameter:0.8mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107220Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.5mm, Wall Thickness:0.17mm, Inside Diameter:1.16mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107240Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.6mm, Wall Thickness:0.15mm, Inside Diameter:1.3mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107260Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.7mm, Wall Thickness:0.2mm, Inside Diameter:1.3mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107280Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.8mm, Wall Thickness:0.175mm, Inside Diameter:1.45mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107300Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.8mm, Wall Thickness:0.28mm, Inside Diameter:1.24mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107320Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:1.8mm, Wall Thickness:0.45mm, Inside Diameter:0.9mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107340Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:2.0mm, Wall Thickness:0.5mm, Inside Diameter:1mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107360Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:2.3mm, Wall Thickness:0.2mm, Inside Diameter:1.9mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107380Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:3.0mm, Wall Thickness:0.075mm, Inside Diameter:2.85mm, Temper:As Drawn
CU107400Nickel Silver Tube,    
Outside Diameter:4.0mm, Wall Thickness:0.25mm, Inside Diameter:3.5mm, Temper:As Drawn
Nickel Silver Tube - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Foil Tube
Foil Tube