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Index of Materials - Compound - Powders


Goodfellow supplies a wide of compounds, mainly as powder, lump, sputtering target or single crystal, but other forms may be available on request. Our website details those which are available ex-stock for immediate despatch. Please contact us with details of your requirements.


Small particles with an approximately defined size range.

Those materials described as alloy precursors are not true alloys - they are made by sintering a blend of powders of the component metals to achieve alloying by diffusion. The resultant cake is ground and sieved to the required particle size range.

Unless otherwise stated, the particle sizes shown are for guidance only. We do not guarantee either any particular size distribution between the quoted minimum and maximum sizes, or a specific particle shape.

Dimensions shown are nominal    

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Aluminium Borosilicide
Aluminium Carbide
Aluminium Nitride
Barium Titanate
Boron Nitride
Caesium Metavanadate
Caesium Molybdate
Calcium Boride
Calcium Titanate
Chromium Boride
Chromium Boride
Chromium Carbide
Chromium Diboride
Chromium Nitride
Chromium Silicide
Cobalt (III) Oxide
Cobalt Boride
Copper II Oxide
Copper Selenide
Gadolinium Oxide
Graphene oxide
Hafnium Carbide
Hafnium Diboride
Hafnium Hydride
Iron Boride
Iron Boride
Iron Oxide
Iron Silicide
Lanthanum Hexaboride
Lanthanum Oxide
Magnesium Oxide
Molybdenum Carbide
Molybdenum Diboride
Molybdenum Disilicide
Nickel Oxide
Niobium Boride
Niobium Carbide
Niobium Nitride
Niobium Pentoxide
Niobium Silicide
Silicon Carbide
Silicon Monoxide
Silicon Nitride
Silver Chloride
Strontium Titanate
Tantalum Boride
Tantalum Carbide
Tantalum Silicide
Tin Oxide
Titanium Aluminide
Titanium Boride
Titanium Carbide
Titanium Hydride
Titanium Nitride
Titanium Silicide
Titanium Silicocarbide
Tungsten Boride
Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten Disulphide
Tungsten Silicide
Tungsten Titanium Carbide
Tungsten Trioxide
Vanadium Carbide
Vanadium Nitride
Vanadium Nitride - V3N
Vanadium Pentoxide
Zinc Arsenide
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Selenide
Zinc Sulphide
Zirconium Boride
Zirconium Carbide
Zirconium Hydride
Zirconium Nitride

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