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Copper ( Cu ) - Foil   -   Material Information

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We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Bar Foam Foil Insulated Wire Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod
Bar Foam Foil Insulated Wire Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod
Single Crystal Sphere Sputtering Target Tube Wire
Single Crystal Sphere Sputtering Target Tube Wire
General Description:  

Known to ancient civilizations.

Copper is a reddish colored metal which is malleable and ductile. It has excellent thermal and electrical conductivities and good corrosion resistance. It is found in sulfide ores and as carbonate, arsenide and chloride (abundance in the Earth's crust is 50 ppm). Extraction of the metal involves roasting the ore to produce the oxide, followed by reduction and purification by electrolysis. The element is inert to non-oxidising acids but reacts with oxidising agents. In air, it will weather to produce the characteristic green patina of the carbonate. Copper will combine with oxygen on heating to produce CuO at red heat, and Cu2O at elevated temperatures.

Pure copper has an electrical conductivity second only to that of silver and hence its main application is in the electrical industry. Copper is also the basis of many important alloys (e.g. brass, bronze and aluminum bronze) and has been traditionally considered to be one of the coinage metals, along with silver and gold, but being more common, is the least valued. It is one of the first metals ever to have been worked by man and is thought to have been mined for more than 5000 years.



Technical Data for   Copper

Copper Foil - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
CU000080Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0005mm, Purity:99.97%, Support:Temporary Acrylic
CU000090Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.00075mm, Purity:99.97%, Support:Temporary Acrylic
CU000100Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.001mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000105Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0015mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000110Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.002mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000120Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0025mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000130Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.003mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000140Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.004mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000150Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.005mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000160Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.006mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000170Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.007mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000180Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.009mm, Purity:99.97%
CU000190Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.015mm, Purity:99.97%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000200Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0076mm, Coil width:5mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000201Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0025mm, Purity:99.9%, Support:Permanent Aluminum 0.04mm
CU000202Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0076mm, Coil width:6mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000203Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0076mm, Coil width:6.6mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000204Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0076mm, Coil width:7.5mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000205Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0076mm, Coil width:8.5mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000206Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0076mm, Coil width:8.7mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000207Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0076mm, Coil width:10.8mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000208Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0076mm, Coil width:12.5mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000211Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.005mm, Purity:99.9%, Support:Permanent Aluminum 0.04mm
CU000215Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0078mm, High Purity:99.99+%
CU000220Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.008mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000229Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.01mm, Coil width:19mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000230Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.01mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000251Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.01mm, High Purity:99.99+%
CU000260Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.012mm, Purity:99.99+%
CU000270Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0125mm, High Purity:99.99+%
CU000271Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.013mm, Purity:99.99+%, Temper:Annealed
CU000272Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.014mm, Purity:99.99+%, Temper:Annealed
CU000273Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.015mm, Purity:99.99+%, Temper:Annealed
CU000300Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0125mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000315Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.015mm, Coil width:10mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000320Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.0175mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000340Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.02mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000350Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.02mm, Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000351Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.022mm, Coil width:0.45mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000352Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.022mm, Coil width:6.5mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000354Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Coil width:2.5mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000355Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Coil width:12mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000356Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.022mm, Coil width:14.3mm, Purity:99.9%
CU000357Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Coil width:19mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000358Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Coil width:25mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000359Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Coil width:38mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000361Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Coil width:2.0mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000370Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Coil width:16mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000371Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000372Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Hard
CU000373Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Coil width:4mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000410Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000420Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Purity:99.95%
CU000423Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.04mm, Coil width:10mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000424Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.04mm, Coil width:12mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000425Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.04mm, Coil width:12.5mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000426Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.04mm, Coil width:0.32mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000428Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.03mm, Coil width:16mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000430Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.034mm, Purity:99.95%
CU000450Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.038mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Hard
CU000460Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.038mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000462Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.038mm, Coil width:0.25mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000463Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.04mm, Coil width:6.35mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000464Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.04mm, Coil width:9.5mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000465Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.04mm, Coil width:25mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000466Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.045mm, Coil width:25.4mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000467Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:3.2mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000468Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:6mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000469Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:8mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000470Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:1.5mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000472Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:10mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000473Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:12mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000475Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.03mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000491Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000494Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:35mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000495Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000496Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:300mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000497Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:20mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000498Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:30mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000499Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:25mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000500Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000520Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.068mm, Purity:99.95%
CU000530Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000531Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, Coil width:10mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000532Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed, Condition:Flattened
CU000533Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, Coil width:6.35mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000540Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000541Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Hard
CU000542Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000547Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:0.75mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000548Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:1mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000550Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000551Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:1.5mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000552Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:4.8mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000553Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:3mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000554Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:10mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000555Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:25.4mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000556Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:16mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000557Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000558Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:30mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000559Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:26mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000560Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000564Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.10mm, Coil width:17.5mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000565Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000570Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000580Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.11mm, Purity:99.95%
CU000583Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm, Coil width:50.8mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000585Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000586Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm, Coil width:76.2mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000590Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000591Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Hard
CU000592Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm, Coil width:305mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Hard
CU000600Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000630Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000640Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000641Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000642Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard, Condition:Flattened
CU000644Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm, Coil width:2.5mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000645Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm, Coil width:6.0mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000650Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000652Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, Coil width:1.4mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000655Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.2mm, Coil width:30mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000657Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.24mm, Coil width:11mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed, Coating:4 Micron Silver Plated on Both Sides
CU000680Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000690Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.3mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard, Condition:Flattened
CU000691Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.3mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed, Condition:Flattened
CU000695Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.3mm, Coil width:80mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000700Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000701Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, Purity:99.9%, Surface Finish:Polished On One Side, Polish:0.1µm Ra or better
CU000702Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard, Condition:Flattened
CU000703Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, Coil width:25.4mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Hard
CU000704Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, Coil width:10mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000710Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.38mm, Coil width:25.4mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000720Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed
CU000742Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard, Surface Finish:Polished On Both Sides
CU000743Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000745Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000746Copper Foil,    
Thickness:0.7mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000747Copper Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000748Copper Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm, High Purity:99.999%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000749Copper Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000750Copper Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm, Purity:99.9%, Surface Finish:Polished On One Side, Polish:0.1µm Ra or better
CU000751Copper Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm, Purity:99.9%, Surface Finish:Polished On Both Sides
CU000760Copper Foil,    
Thickness:1.6mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000761Copper Foil,    
Thickness:1.6mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000765Copper Foil,    
Thickness:2.0mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CU000766Copper Foil,    
Thickness:2.0mm, High Purity:99.99+%, Temper:As Rolled
CU000769Copper Foil,    
Thickness:2.0mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard, Surface Finish:Mirror Polished On Both Sides
CU000770Copper Foil,    
Thickness:3.25mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000305Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.006mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000306Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.007mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000307Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.008mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000310Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.010mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000311Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.010mm, Coil width:25mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000320Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.0125mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000361Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.02mm, Coil width:6.35mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000363Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.02mm, Coil width:9.5mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000370Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000371Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000372Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.025mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000500Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000501Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000502Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000503Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:10mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000504Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.05mm, Coil width:305mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000540Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000541Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.075mm, Coil width:0.43mm, Purity:99.95+%
CV000560Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000561Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000562Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:100mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000563Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Coil width:7.5mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000564Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000565Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.1mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000590Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000591Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.125mm, Coil width:305mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000640Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000641Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.15mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000670Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.20mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000700Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000702Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.25mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000730Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.3mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Annealed
CV000732Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.3mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:As Rolled
CV000740Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.4mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard, Condition:Flattened
CV000742Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000743Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000744Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard, Condition:Flattened
CV000745Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.5mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard, Condition:Flattened, Surface Finish:Polished On Both Sides
CV000746Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.6mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard, Condition:Flattened
CV000747Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.7mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000748Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.8mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000749Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:1.0mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CV000750Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:0.7mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard, Condition:Flattened
CV000756Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:1.6mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Hard
CV000765Copper - O.F.H.C. Foil,    
Thickness:2.0mm, Purity:99.95+%, Temper:Half Hard
CX000550Copper - DHP Foil,    
Thickness:0.55mm, Temper:Soft, Condition:Mirror Polished On One Side
GR001005Graphene Film,    
Thickness:0.018mm, Monolayer Thickness:0.345nm, Substrate:Copper Foil - 0.018mm Thick, Film morphology:Continuous monolayer >95%, Sheet resistance:Av. <250-400 ohms/sq (after transfer), Mobility:>3500cm2/Vs, Transmittance:>97%, Domain size:10-20µm, Condition:Nanomaterials
Copper Foil - Standard Products   Click here to display prices
We stock and supply the following standard forms:
Bar Foam Foil Insulated Wire Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod
Bar Foam Foil Insulated Wire Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod
Single Crystal Sphere Sputtering Target Tube Wire
Single Crystal Sphere Sputtering Target Tube Wire